Lake Arrowhead / Weekend Adventures

Jill’s House: Lake Arrowhead

Jill’s House has partnered with Thousand Pines to bring the Weekend Adventure program to the Los Angeles area!

At Thousand Pines, we have campfires, archery, basketball, pet therapy, a rock wall, and a swimming pool (for summer months), just to name a few.

Accommodations & Care

Jill’s House trained staff, including child care specialists, nurses, and a team of volunteers, are always available during the day to ensure your child’s safety and give them a fun and positive experience.

At night, your child will sleep in a bunk room with a shared bathroom, along with a few of their new friends. A child care specialist will be awake and available through the night to attend to any child’s needs.

Meals are prepared in the main kitchen by camp staff with your child’s special dietary restrictions in mind.

Getting to Camp

Rather than having each camper go all the way out to camp individually, parents bring their kids to the check-in location, conveniently located in the community at the site of our local church partner.

Check-in: Friday from 3:45 – 4:45pm

Check-out: Sunday from 1 – 2pm

Send Your Child to Camp!

 Looking to send your child on a fun and safe weekend adventure?  Contact us at, or click here to register today!

Be a Volunteer Buddy!

 Looking to serve these unique kids and their families in a fun camping environment?  Contact, or click here to go to our JHWA Volunteer page!

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Upcoming Dates

  • June 9-11
  • July 7-9
  • August 18-20
  • September 8-10
  • October 6-8
  • November 10-12
  • December 1-3