The Only Place

Perhaps God’s greatest blessing on Jill’s House is the people he has called to serve here. They go above and beyond for our kids and their families in so many ways, which is ultimately what makes the services we provide so impactful for our JH families. I won’t say that is a totally unique aspect of Jill’s House, but I think it is fair to say it as at least distinctive.

Twice per week, our supervisors send out “debriefs” to the rest of the team on how things have been going. There’s a lot of technical information in those debriefs, but there’s also some room for sharing highlights. Below is some feedback that came from one of our supervisors earlier today. Please take a moment to read. It demonstrates not only the excellence of our staff here at Jill’s House, but more importantly, the difference that makes for our families. She writes:

“We have a kiddo that has high energy to the max. He loves to run, scream, loop videos of the Metro, pull his pants down, and occasionally go try to pull the fire alarm. He has been at Jill’s House for a couple of years now, and he has had his ups and downs. Right now, in life, he is a little down. So, when parents came in, we made sure to talk to them and see how better we could serve him. They were so apologetic, and you could see the frustration in their faces. We assured them that he would have a wonderful time and we had known him for years now and that there is nothing to worry about.

Just as we thought, he had a smooth, beautiful stay…[One of our Jill’s House staff members] had helped at times when he got excited to calm him down. She even got him to share his crayons and make artwork to send home.

In the morning, a tired but rested dad came to pick him up, and when we told him of his wonderful stay, he teared up and let me know how much that meant to him. He expressed how much [his son] loved coming to Jill’s House, and this was the only place they felt comfortable and trusted enough to send their child. By the time [he] came out to go, dad seemed to be less worried and both of us were teary eyed.

Through this, I wanted to highlight how sometimes the world views [our JH kiddos] as troubled, we view as a blessing and know that the love of God flows through our [staff] to our clients. That love of God makes a huge difference, giving [our JH kiddos] the freedom to be themselves and giving parents the gift of complete rest.”

Please join me in thanking God for the wonderful people he has called to serve here at Jill’s House.