Family Christmas Party

Jill’s House’s Family Support Team was thrilled to be able to host 40 families at our first in-person Christmas party since 2019 at our Vienna campus. The children and their families had a wonderful time decorating cookies, crafting Christmas ornaments, visiting Santa, and posing for professional family portraits. One of the attending moms shared,

“Thank you so much for all the time, effort, and hard work putting this event together. My life, and my family’s life, has been completely changed for the better by the friendships we’ve made during the last year through these family support programs and events. I have made friends that I can even put down as emergency contacts for [my son] in a pinch; that’s how close a bond has been formed. [My son’s] weekend and weeknight stays are great for him and me, but these family support events have changed our whole lives as a family.”

Matt McNeil, First Jill’s House Parent to Serve as Board Chair

Many of you are familiar with Matt and Shannon McNeil. They are former Jill’s House parents. Both of their children, Waverly and Oliver, came to Jill’s House for many years. You can see their story here:

The McNeil family has been a part of the Jill’s House family for a long time now.

Many of you are likely unaware that Matt has been faithfully serving on the Jill’s House Board for several years. To my knowledge, he is the first Jill’s House parent to ever serve on our Board.

I’m delighted to report that on Tuesday evening, Matt was officially installed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jill’s House. I am thrilled to have him leading the charge, and I would ask you to join me in praying that God will guide and bless him as he carries the banner for all of us.

Please join us in welcoming Matt into his new role.