The Allard Family

Charlie and SisterMeet Charleigh and Family

“As a military family we have moved a lot, but we have been able to call Virginia our home since 2015. This past spring my husband retired from the Army, which means we could live wherever we want. But Northern Virginia has so many great resources, schools, and of course Jill’s House. There’s no reason we would leave!”


“We have 2 daughters, and my mother lives with us as well. Our oldest has gone off to college which means Charleigh, our 15-year-old daughter is the center of all our attention.

Charleigh is a happy, healthy girl who loves her iPhone, taking rides in the van to school, playing outside, and eating good food.”

Charleigh and Sister Younger“Before moving to Virginia, we lived in Oklahoma, which is where Charleigh was born, New York, and Texas. Charleigh was much younger when we received the first diagnosis of Severe ASD.”

“When Charleigh was 10 years old, we received an official genetic diagnosis. She has CDK13 which is an incredibly rare genetic disorder, with only 231 known cases worldwide. When she was younger, we actively pursued different therapies and doctors. We researched the genetic components of her diagnosis to provide the best care for her, and to help her achieve her milestones. Then when we moved to Virginia, a lot of opportunities opened for us. The resources are incredible! We had never really considered the scope of supports available for us here in Virginia.”


Charleigh and Ronald McDonald“Shortly after arriving in Virginia, Charleigh’s developmental pediatrician asked if we had heard about Jill’s House, which of course we hadn’t. Hearing about Jill’s House was a complete blessing!! We were so focused on providing the best care for Charleigh, that the idea of respite had never entered our minds.

Charleigh first started going to Jill’s House when she was 8 ½ years old. Her first visit was a weekend stay and she loved it! Our whole family loved it. She has been going to Jill’s House for almost 7 years now, so we have all grown to really appreciate and value those weekends.”


Allard_ Charleigh _4_“Jill’s House is set up to meet all Charleigh’s needs. She enjoys different activities and transitioning quickly between those activities. The staff are so attentive, kind, and patient with her. Charleigh is provided a mini vacation with play on the moon bounce, swimming in the pool, and fun outside on the playground. While Charleigh is at Jill’s House we enjoy a slower pace at home. We eat dinners while watching movies and enjoy quiet mornings.

Charleigh attends a private, day placement year-round school. Her school is so great, and best suited for her and her needs. Another benefit is that Jill’s House partners with her school and provides weeknight stays for students. Jill’s House staff pick up the students from the school, the students spend the night at Jill’s House, and then staff return the students to school the next morning. So, during the school year, Charleigh also gets to stay at Jill’s House one night a week.”

“Jill’s House has been the one constant in our lives for so many years. In fact, Charleigh has been going to Jill’s House for so long and she knows where her suitcase is, that whenever she’s angry with us or simply wants to go, she will grab her suitcase and drop it in front us as if to say she wants to go. Now! We love how much she loves going to Jill’s House.

Charleigh is safe and happy at Jill’s House, and we can relax knowing that she is receiving such wonderful care!”

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