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Meet baby Simon

Meet Simon and Family

“From the moment my son, Simon, was born, I felt like God had been preparing my family for Jill’s House.

Peter and I are longtime attendees of McLean Bible Church and participated in fundraising events to build Jill’s House. This was before we had children. We attended fundraising banquets and Peter participated in a marathon to raise funds for Jill’s House. I was pregnant with our first child at that time, and we were excited about Jill’s House coming to the community. While we were supporting Jill’s House financially, we did not know God was preparing us to experience Jill’s House firsthand!

Young Simon

Young Simon

Fast forward several years, and the organization we grew to love and support, is now a respite for our own family and a safe haven for our son, Simon.”

“When I was pregnant with Simon, the pregnancy progressed as expected, however, toward the end, the pregnancy changed quickly. Simon appeared to be in distress, and as a result of an emergency C-section, was born 5 ½ weeks early. Shortly after delivery, we were shocked when the doctor told us Simon had physical features consistent with Down Syndrome. The room became still and quiet. The doctor peeked over the curtain at me and I said, “He is my son, and I will love him forever!” I knew in that moment God had given him to me, to us, to our family; we trusted in the promise that God works all things together for His good. A few days following Simon’s delivery, I read in the birth file, “Mother has accepted child.”

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When Simon was born, he had significant respiratory issues and remained in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 5 weeks. When we finally brought him home, we adjusted to life with our fourth child. In addition to the typical needs of an infant, we initially focused on managing Simon’s medical needs: numerous specialist appointments, medications, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Over time, as his medical needs stabilized, and he developed physically and cognitively, it became apparent that he required constant supervision to keep him safe. The amount of supervision Simon required exhausted Peter and I and left us with little energy for each other, or for our other 5 children, ages 3-12.”

“Simon is now 7 years old and is extremely active. He enjoys playing outside, swimming, going to the beach, and building with Legos. In addition, he plays Challenger Baseball, which is for children with differing abilities, and participates on the neighborhood swim team. This fall he trying football, too. Regular physical activity is essential for Simon!”

Meet Simon King

Meet Simon King

“We enrolled Simon at Jill’s House when he turned 6, and this past Spring, he had his first day camp and overnight experience. The timing was perfect; we were physically exhausted from his high level of activity, coupled with mental exhaustion due to a constant fear of elopement. We were discouraged by our limited options for respite.

During Simon’s first overnight at Jill’s House, we took our other children to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. Since Simon’s initial camp and overnight stay, he has participated in school weeknights stays, summer camp, and another weekend stay at Jill’s House. Jill’s House has revolutionized our life! When Simon is at Jill’s House, we know he has a blast participating in activities he loves, and we can spend more focused time with each other, and our other children.”

Simon King

“I joined the Jill’s House Moms Community Bible Study, and my husband participates in the Jill’s House Dads gatherings. Other Jill’s House moms have been an encouragement to me. On the weekend retreat, one insightful mom shared that we live our life forward and understand it backwards. Looking back on our life with Simon, I can see how God has guided us through each and every day. God has never let go of our family.

Because of Jill’s House, our church, and local community, we have established relationships that love and support our family. We are eternally grateful to be part of the Jill’s House family.”

Thank you for making stories like Simon’s possible.